THAT Design Chick is a freelance designer that makes it happen on a small budget.

I was raised on a budget, work off a tight budget, and I know what it feels like when the budget WON'T BUDGE!.... THAT is where I come in and make the difference.

Just because you are a small business, or not even a business at all, doesn't mean you wouldn't like to have THAT tailored look. 

If you ask another designer to price something out for you, you may get a good quote.  Sometimes they are willing to assist, but sometimes you are too small to deal with and you may hear "You are paying for my time/experience and my time is important."  

Well, my time OFF is important, and if I can pick up the jobs no one else wants to handle just because it may not be big bucks... then I say "I'll take THAT !" 

The more smaller jobs, projects, and whatever's THAT I can get my hands on, the better.  I want to do quality work at an affordable price to keep the clients coming...and keep me from "Clocking In" somewhere else.

I like working in this type of environment.  I'm a giver at heart, so I like to help others, and I know this is one way to benefit everyone involved.  I get to work from home, set my own hours, take the jobs I know I can deliver on, providing you with a better than expected end result at such a low price.  Hey, you can't beat THAT ! literately...

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